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Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Ultils. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Ultils. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

Thứ Hai, 5 tháng 1, 2015

Introducing Your Baby to New Fruits and Vegetables

When your baby has mastered the very fine purees and simple flavors most often introduced as the first solid foods, it's time to start incorporating new flavors into your baby's diet. When your baby starts to enjoy more variety, it's time to think outside of the box. Get beyond the typical apples and bananas and offer your baby some different and often overlooked fruits and vegetables that offer up tons of nutrition and plenty of flavor.

Avocados. Avocados are an excellent early food for babies. They have a silky, smooth texture that only requires fork mashing, rather than real pureeing. The mild flavor is very often a hit with babies, and avocados are loaded with the good fat that babies need.

Kiwi. Kiwi also has a naturally soft texture so it is easy to mash to the correct consistency for your baby. While kiwis may be a little sour for your baby at first, they are a wonderful source of vitamin C.

Melons. Melons such as cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon are great fruits for your baby to try. Again, they have a naturally soft texture so they are easy to chew. Cantaloupe is packed with vitamins A and C. Honeydew is also a great source of vitamin C and watermelon has lycopene, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

Cherries. Bing cherries, chopped into tiny pieces, are another great fruit for your baby to try. Cherries provide vitamin C and potassium.

Broccoli. Because of the naturally firm texture of broccoli, it is sometimes overlooked as a baby food. Removing the florets and chopping them finely, however, makes broccoli a great vegetable to mix in with another puree such as carrots. Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse providing vitamin C, fiber, iron, calcium, potassium, and folate. The gassiness that broccoli often gives adults, typically does not translate to babies.

Spinach. Spinach can be pureed alone or mixed with other purees. Because it has a rather strong flavor, your baby may like it better when mixed with something else. Spinach is packed with nutrients including Vitamin A, C, magnesium, folate, and iron.

Summer Squash. Your baby probably already likes butternut or acorn squash, but what about yellow summer squash? This vegetable provides vitamin C and has a mild flavor that many babies love. Just make sure you leave the skin on and chop it very finely.

Corn. Corn too is often overlooked as a vegetable because it is sometimes considered to be a grain. But with vitamin C and fiber, and a naturally sweet taste, corn can be a nice addition to your baby's diet. Be sure your baby is accustomed to chewing before trying smashed corn kernels.

Tomatoes. Tomatoes are acidic so make sure your baby is a little older (8 or 9 months) before incorporating tomatoes into his diet. Chopped tomato makes a great finger food. Tomatoes are full of lycopene, vitamins A and C, and potassium.

When feeding your baby make sure you consider all that your grocery store produce section has to offer, not just the same old fruits and vegetables. Introducing your baby to plenty of new flavors from a young age will help her to be open to new foods for a lifetime, and will give her the ultimate in good nutrition.

Thứ Sáu, 26 tháng 12, 2014

How to Sleep like a Baby

It’s 3:00 a.m. where are you? Most people would probably be asleep. However, for a large majority of people, it is near impossible for them to get a good nights rest. Without it, they are unable to focus well, they have low energy, and let’s face it, they are usually in a not so good mood. Is there anything that the sleep deprived can do in order to help give their body the much needed sleep it needs? Aside from counting sheep, which rarely works, try some of the suggestions below.

How to Sleep like a Baby

First, start out by examining your bedroom for sleep distractions. Sleep distractions would be such things as clutter, the color of the paint, the noise level, etc. If your room is painted in bright, electrifying colors, you may want to consider painting it a soothing cool color. A pale green or a soothing blue would be good choices. You can’t expect to be able to sleep if the paint in your bedroom is so bright that it looks like an airport runway.

If your room is cluttered, consider scheduling a spring cleaning day and get rid of all those unwanted sleep thieves. If a room is cluttered, it gives our mind more things to focus on and think about during the night instead of sleep. Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary, and let’s face it, who wants piles of bills or junk mail in their sanctuary? Not too many people.

As far as the noise level goes, this is different for each person. Some people enjoy some form of noise while they sleep and may even purchase a noise machine, while others have to have quiet. If you fall into the latter category, try purchasing some heavy drapes to see if they block out any of the unwanted noise. While the drapes probably won’t get rid of every unwanted noise, you will notice a big difference.

Next, try not to exercise before going to bed. I’m not saying don’t exercise at all, because exercise is good for us, but we all know that exercise releases endorphins which amp us up. You can’t expect to be able to go to sleep if you feel like you could run a marathon. Try to keep exercise to either early in the mornings or to around four hours before bedtime. This will give your body time to calm down and will help you to drift off to sleep much easier.

Another suggestion to help you get a good nights sleep would be to take a nice warm bath just before you are ready to go to bed. The warm bath will not only help you to relax physically, but it will also give your brain some time to unwind as well. It doesn’t have to be a long bath, just 10 or 15 minutes should do the trick. As you are letting the water out of the tub, picture your troubles and cares being washed down the drain. A mind that is not burdened with troubles is a mind that can easily drift off to sleep.

Lighting is another issue that effects sleep. If your bedroom window lets the light of a nearby street light into your bedroom, you might want to try some of those room darkening curtains to eliminate that problem. If you can’t find any or can’t afford them, try putting a quilt up instead. If your curtain rods are sturdy, they will usually hold up the extra weight of the quilt. Either of these two things will help darken your bedroom and help you drift off to what could be the best nights sleep you’ve had in a while.

Of course, don’t forget to flip your mattress every so often to keep it from getting worn. However, if your mattress is not in good shape and you can’t afford to buy a new one (because we know they don’t come cheap), consider buying a mattress topper. This will give you the sense of a new mattress, but will cost you a fraction of the price. Toppers come in a variety of styles, and it is up to you to find the one that suits your needs.

The last tip, try and keep the temperature in your bedroom at a comfortable level. You don’t want the temperature too hot or too cold. You want it just right. Again, it is up to you, as an individual, to decide what your perfect temperature is. Try these few tips out and see if they help you get the peaceful nights slumber your body has been missing. Pleasant dreams sleep deprived.

Thứ Ba, 23 tháng 12, 2014

Baby's First Christmas - Celebrity Edition

The year of 2014 brought big changes in the lives of some of our favorite celebrities. New records, new releases, and new awards are always exciting, but nothing can measure up to the beauty and amazement of the birth of a baby. Meet all the new mini-celebrities that will be celebrating their very first Christmas this year.

Baby Schuyler
Parents: Rodger Berman and Rachel Zoe
Rodger Berman and Rachel Zoe (celebrity stylist) welcomed their very first baby this year, Schuyler Harris. Judging from his custom made shoes and his Missoni stroller, I think it's very safe to make the assumption that Schuyler's first Christmas will be filled with Gucci, Prada and Chanel.

Baby Flynn
Parents: Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
Actor Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings) and model Miranda Kerr may have given birth to the cutest baby alive. With brown hair and big blue eyes, he has been making headlines since day one. This is an extra exciting time of year for Baby Flynn; he will be celebrating his first birthday on January 6th.

Baby Haven
Parents: Cash Warren and Jessica Alba
Producer Cash Warren and actress Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Sin City) welcomed their second daughter, baby Haven Garner in August, much to the delight of big sister Honor Marie. Jessica recently took both three year old Honor and four month old Haven to meet Santa Claus in their local mall. How sweet is that!

Baby Morocco and Baby Monroe
Parents: Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey
Nick Cannon (America's Got Talent) and singer/actress Mariah Carey welcomed their twins on April 30th of this year. This adorable duo made one of their first public appearances last Christmas when Mariah was visibly showing during her Christmas Special. Morocco was named after the Moroccan inspired room in which Nick proposed to Mariah, and Monroe was named after one of Mariah's longtime role models, Marilyn Monroe.

Baby Harper
Parents: David & Victoria Beckham
World renowned power couple David (English soccer star) & Victoria Beckham (designer) welcomed their very first daughter this year. Baby Harper Seven joined older brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Baby Bingham
Parents: Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson
Matt Bellamy (front-man of Muse) and actress Kate Hudson (Bride Wars, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) welcomed their first baby, Bingham Hawn in August. Baby Bingham joins Kate's older son Ryder, who affectionately calls him Bing.

Baby Arabella
Parents: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
Jared Kushner and entrepreneur and daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, married in October 2009, welcomed their very first baby, Arabella Rose on July 17th of this year.

Baby Aleph
Parents: Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman
Producer Benjamin Millepied and actress Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta, Black Swan) welcomed their first baby, Aleph this year. Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, a sweet tribute to the Hebrew background of the couple.

And there, my friends, are the newest celebrities of 2011. Merry Christmas to all the baby celebs and their parents! I can't help but wonder which celebrities will make this list next year...

Thứ Tư, 10 tháng 12, 2014

How to Successfully Breast-Feed Your Baby

Breast-feeding is a natural and wonderful experience for new moms and it is also a wonderful part of parenting. Many parents are scared when they get ready to breast-feed their baby.

Don't give up! There are a lot of ways to help your baby latch onto your nipple.

If you are a first time mother, don't get frustrated when breast feeding because it is not an easy task at first, though, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Many mothers get sad when they can't get their baby to breast feed. If you want use a damp warm towel and place it over your breast before breast-feeding your baby. This will warm up your breast.

The first thing you need to do is relax. Before you pick up your baby, take a few deep breaths, and count to ten. Getting comfortable is key to stimulating your milk reflex. If you need a longer time then ten minutes go ahead and take the time to do so.

It wouldn't be a good idea to be stressed when you are about to feed your baby, so relax. Relaxing is also important when you are about to go to sleep after the baby has been crying for so long.

Try yoga, deep breathing, and calming music.

The second step would be for you to bring your baby close to your chest. While you baby is close to your chest, take another set of deep breaths.

After you do this, support your baby by placing your hand right behind his or her neck and head to support the head.

Be very gentle with your child's head. Be incredibly gentle, because if you have a new born, the head could be very sensitive because of birth.

The third step is to support your breast. Do this by using one hand. While holding your breast, rub your baby's face gently (calm him or her) with your hand or nipple.

This will make your baby go towards the nipple. Keep rubbing your baby's face so that he or she feels comfortable.

This will pay off when your baby is latched on to your nipple!

The fourth thing you need to do is direct your nipple upwards.

Make sure that your nipple is pointing upwards, as if it was pointing at your child's forward. This will give a great position for your baby to latch on comfortably.

This is important because it will position your nipple towards the baby's mouth.

Your almost there!

The fifth thing you need to do it to make sure your baby's lips are puckering outwards, rather than inwards. If your baby is puckering inwards, gently re-adjust your baby with your finger.

Unlatch your baby only if they are latched onto your nipple incorrectly. Do this by gently placing your finger at the corner of your baby's mouth and re-adjusting him or her.

Your baby should be latched on nice and snug right now!

Once latched on...

Make sure that your baby's nose isn't covered by your top breast, and make sure that your baby's nose is free from boogies.

Find a comfortable chair!

Gather a few pillows/nursing pillow on your lap and lay your baby across your lap. Hold your baby at a position where his or her feet are extended to the side of your body, instead of across your body.

The position will seem as if your tucking your baby under your arm.

Place your hand behind your babies neck and shoulders to support your baby.

Then you need to latch your baby onto your nipple by pulling him or her towards your breast. Do not force your baby to breast-feed. It could also help your baby also listened to calming music while you breast feed.

If you listen to the same type of calming music during breast feeding your baby will know when its time to eat when they hear the sounds.

If you want to try breast feeding lying down, you can do this on one side by placing your bottom arm over your head. You can also lay on your side with your supporting arm holding your head.

Try different positions so that you and your baby get comfortable with each other.

Then you can also feed your baby tummy-to-tummy. Lay your baby down facing you. Bring your baby close and re-approach the latching step. Position your breast accordingly and draw him or her closely.

This will let you and your baby rest will breast feeding, and sometimes a mother needs a little rest.

If you lay your baby on your bed to take a nap make sure to take everything off the bed, except for the bottom sheet and your baby blanket.

Make sure to never fall asleep on your baby, especially near a couch cushion! There are gaps between the cushions that could suffocate your baby.

If you want to take a nap next to your baby get rid of heavy pillows, comforters, and other things that could suffocate your baby.

Never sleep with your baby girl or baby boy if you or your significant other smokes!

Thứ Năm, 4 tháng 12, 2014

Sun’s Effect on Baby Skin

Thứ Bảy, 22 tháng 11, 2014

The Origin of the Baby New Year

Every year it's the same thing. Some diapered little baby is paraded around wearing a sash with the new year written on it. Who hasn't been to a New Year's Party that ended that way, huh? Okay, me neither. But the Baby New Year is still an iconic image that even popped up in a really bad sequel to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Baby. Usually in concert with the Baby New Year there is also a wizened old man with a ZZ Top beard. But this article isn't about that. It's about that naked baby.



The use of an infant as a symbol of the start of the new cycle that begins with the passage of the year dates back to ancient Greece. The festival of Dionysus, who was the god of wine, song and merriment let us not forget, was a big thing for the Greeks. No doubt the festival of Dionysus often ended long after the womenfolk had been sent to bed and each male reveler had left his male Greek friends behind to unsteadily walk home to the little woman.

Before these parties got down to the good stuff, however, it was the custom of the time to parade a newborn baby around in a basket. The baby was a symbol and a herald for fertility of the crops. (Probably just the crops since Greek style doesn't produce much in the way of offspring.

None so's you want to keep, anyway.) Across that big lake, the Egyptians were also fond of holding a ceremony of rebirth that involved the use of a young baby. In fact, there was a specific ceremonial ritual involving a young man and an older bearded man carrying a baby inside a basket that was discovered on the lid of a sarcophagus that is now on display in a museum.

The symbol of a Baby New Year was ubiquitous throughout the pagan religions so it should come as no surprise that the Catholic Church disallowed it for centuries. Finally, thanks to a fact that Bush seems incapable of grasping---that it is next to impossible to kill an idea that people cleave to with all their might---the Catholic Church gave in and allowed infants to be used in New Year celebrations. Okay, they made one adjustment. The Baby New Year was transformed from a pagan symbol into a symbol of the Baby Christ.

The contemporary image of the Baby New Year comes to us, like the Christmas tree, courtesy of those fun-loving, always-with-the-joke Germans. It was the Germans, you see, who first slapped a diaper on the Baby New Year. The newly diapered Baby New Year first cropped up in German woodcarving illustrations in the 1300s. When the German immigrants poured into Pennsylvania they brought with them the Christmas tree, Groundhog Day and our current image of the Baby New Year.


Thứ Ba, 11 tháng 11, 2014

Celebrity Baby Boy Names

Are you looking for some inspiration for a baby boy name? If so, you may want to think about the names of some of your favorite celebrities. There are a number of celebrities with first names that could make a perfect name for your baby boy. Here are some of the celebrity names that you may want to take into consideration!


Simple Celebrity Names For Boys

There are a number of celebrities who have very simple baby names. If you are looking for something that is easy and perhaps traditional, one of these celebrity baby names may be a great choice for you. Some celebrities with simple baby names that you may want to consider include Adam Sandler,Matt Damon, Paul Walker, Patrick Dempsey, and Will Smith are some examples of celebrities with very short names. A trend among celebrity names is to use a shortened version of a name, such as Tom Cruise instead of Thomas Cruise.

Trendy Celebrity Names For Boys

Are you thinking about choosing a somewhat more trendy baby name for your baby boy? There are some celebrities who have names which are somewhat more trendy, and may be a suitable choice for your baby boy. Ashton Kutcher,Brad Pitt, Shane West, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Efron, and Taylor Lautner all have baby names which are very trendy.

Unisex Celebrity Names For Boys

If you don't know the sex of your baby, don't worry! There are a number of celebrities who have names which can be used for both boys and girls. Taylor Lautner, Jaden Smith, and Peyton Manning all are male celebrities who have unisex names. Hayden Panettiere, Jordin Sparks, Dakota Fanning, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Mackenzie Phillips all are female celebrities who have unisex names. The good thing about unisex baby names is that they are very trendy!

Female Celeb Last Names For Boys

There are a few celebrity last names which have become somewhat popular among baby boy name trends. The name Hudson, for example, which comes from Kate Hudson is an option that you may want to consider. Parker, which comes from Sarah Jessica Parker, is also a very trendy name among boys. Be sure to consider last names of female celebrities that you would like your baby to have.

Unique Celebrity Names For Boys

If you are looking for a more unique baby name for boys, there are a few celebrities who have names which may be suiting to your needs. Keanu Reeves, Forrest Whitaker, Channing Tatum, Jude Law, and Jules Asner are some of the celebrities who have more unique names. Since baby boy names are less likely to change over the years due to familial naming traditions, it is not surprising that there are only a few celebrities with unique names.

As you can see, there are a number of male celebrities who have names which could be ideal for your baby boy. Whether you want a more unique baby name, a unisex baby name, a simple baby name or a trendy baby name, one of your favorite celebs may have a name which is suitable for your son!

Thứ Tư, 5 tháng 11, 2014

The importance of name meanings

The happiest day for a couple after getting married is supposed to be the day when they are blessed with a new member in their lives, the Baby. Every year more than 120 millions babies are born on the earth. Different religions, different cultures and different places are the factors which mark the differences in the newborns. No matter what culture people across the globe follow, the process of giving the name to the baby is followed everywhere. All the preliterate people emphasize way much while naming their young ones of the family. A lot of people believe in giving meaningful names to the babies as they believe it brings good luck and fortunes to them in future. No matter were it the early days or in the recent times, Name Meanings are given huge importance.



Name is just not a collaboration of letters put together to form a word, but name actually is considered to be as the definition of the person. Success and happiness in the coming life is considered to be thriving upon the kind of a name given to a young one. A name with a proper meaning is not just considered as good luck, but also it changes the fortune stars. Name Meanings have a close connection to the planets as well. People believe that the planets of fortune and misfortune revolve around your names. So everyone should be very selective and careful while naming their beloved children. Most of the people don’t really emphasize on the meanings of the names and the effect it may cause on the lives while naming their newborns. But studies and our ancestors tell us that we should always know about the meanings the psychological, ethnic and religious aspects of our names.


We live in a world where celebrities are the only ideals of our lives, from film stars to the favorite soccer players, from models to other super heroes. Many of the people christen their children with their favorite celebrity names without even knowing the meanings of those names. One needs to know that one person’s food can be another one’s poison. You assess your kid with a name just once and that should be done after taking all necessary measures. Copying famous names is no crime, but for the sake of your own infants, going through the Name Meanings is a must.


To make sure the name is easily pronounceable; the explicitness should not turn into an unpleasant form. Also, falling in tradition completely isn’t a good way either, all the holy names may not be that favorable for the kid. Rather using names those commemorates events or define a subject may fall much suitable for the baby. The way a name with a good meaning describes the uniqueness and gives a personal identity to an individual is the reason why we go through various names responsibly while assessing our young ones with the best name that we can come up with.

Thứ Hai, 3 tháng 11, 2014

Names and Destiny

It is a regular belief that one’s name determines his/her destiny. This belief has been around for so many years and has been proven true. Once a baby is born, the name given to that child goes a long way in influencing his/her way of life. These days, parents do a lot of research before naming their children because they would not want to contribute to the waywardness of that child. Different cultures has names that influence the destiny of a child that is why parents give their children that has good meaning in their different cultural background. Through finding out the true meaning of your name you can discover your potentials.

Hình ảnh: Chúc các chị luôn xinh đẹp và đáng yêu như em nha :* :* :* :*


Although Destiny is a name on its own, it means one’s fate or fortune. It is mostly given to female children but the male version of this name could be Destin, Dustin or Dustan. In most African countries, when a baby is born they are given a name in their dialect and another name in English mainly for public use. Due to the fact that one name is in their dialect it will be difficult for anyone with evil intentions to know the meaning so it is a form of protection.

In Roman countries, names are weighed equally with one’s destiny. It is only those with victorious names that were chosen to be leaders in the Roman Empire. In Europe, Runic systems are used to understand the meaning and personality attached to a name. Each Runic symbol has a special meaning and in order to understand the meaning of your name, you will convert the name to a set of runic symbol and then the personality and attributes of your name will be understood.


Scientists has carried out a research and discovered that children with horrible names experience bad luck, they lack self-confidence, come out with low grades and are usually faced with emotional problems. Giving your children unusual and successful names will make them successful in life.

Biblically, names carry spiritual meanings. Even the book of proverbs 22 verse 1 says that a good name is greater than all the wealth one can acquire. Make sure you choose a name not for its literal meaning but for its spiritual meaning because a child’s name goes a long way to impact his/her life.

Before choosing a name for your child, make sure you make your research to find out the meaning of the name so that you will not end up being the cause of your child’s downfall.

Thứ Sáu, 31 tháng 10, 2014

The impact of numerology over the names

Whenever an infant is born into a family, it’s a norm to first assess him/her with a name. The name of a person is just not a word to be referred to them but actually is the definition, a description of their personality and the briefing of their traits. It should be made very sure that while naming a person all the necessary measures are taken care of. They say that labeling of a product is done properly to define the quality of that product. The same theory can be applied upon assessing names to the young ones too. The better the name the more illustrative would be the definition.


While a lot of people who believe in ancestry, name their children on the basis of their legacy or the family trees, while others who believe in Numerology have different opinions. The people who believe in numerology work and practice a lot with numbers before naming their kids. In numerology each letter of your name is said to have an individual corresponding number. Cornerstone is said to be the first letter in your name while capstone is said to be the last one. Under Numerology the first vowel is also given sheer importance, as it is said to fulfill all your urges and dreams in life. Each and every letter in this section has a meaning of its own and preparing a name with all those combine meaningful letters will eventually make out the best desired result. The sum of the numbers in your birth date and the sum of numbers you make out while naming a person displays a great deal in the character, the future, the strengths and the weakness of an individual. Numerology helps in standing and fighting against all these weaknesses and odds. Believers say that numerology make you achieve whatever you want in life, and not just infants, a lot of people change their names in the later stages of their life too after realizing the problems they are suffering in their lives and in order to fight against them. This concept of Numerology was initially brought up by the Babylonians but gradually everyone started practicing it and eventually it became so popular and effective that now it is practiced across almost all over the world. There might be no scientific proofs about the authenticity of these numerology charts, but people still have faith in ample numbers about the relationship of words and numbers.


People also believe that in Numerology the on goings and the redemption is based upon three major factors; the date of birth, the name given to you on your birth and the name you use currently. The third factor can well be managed according to the needs and necessary requirements by the Numerology charts. There are ways to work over your names even if you’re a grown up in order to get over the grey shades you are going through in your personal lives. So everyone needs to go through that Numerology chart while assessing their young ones with new names.


Browse through name meaning, rankings, other people's comments, ratings, and other statistics in addition to the name meanings.