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How to Successfully Breast-Feed Your Baby

Breast-feeding is a natural and wonderful experience for new moms and it is also a wonderful part of parenting. Many parents are scared when they get ready to breast-feed their baby.

Don't give up! There are a lot of ways to help your baby latch onto your nipple.

If you are a first time mother, don't get frustrated when breast feeding because it is not an easy task at first, though, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Many mothers get sad when they can't get their baby to breast feed. If you want use a damp warm towel and place it over your breast before breast-feeding your baby. This will warm up your breast.

The first thing you need to do is relax. Before you pick up your baby, take a few deep breaths, and count to ten. Getting comfortable is key to stimulating your milk reflex. If you need a longer time then ten minutes go ahead and take the time to do so.

It wouldn't be a good idea to be stressed when you are about to feed your baby, so relax. Relaxing is also important when you are about to go to sleep after the baby has been crying for so long.

Try yoga, deep breathing, and calming music.

The second step would be for you to bring your baby close to your chest. While you baby is close to your chest, take another set of deep breaths.

After you do this, support your baby by placing your hand right behind his or her neck and head to support the head.

Be very gentle with your child's head. Be incredibly gentle, because if you have a new born, the head could be very sensitive because of birth.

The third step is to support your breast. Do this by using one hand. While holding your breast, rub your baby's face gently (calm him or her) with your hand or nipple.

This will make your baby go towards the nipple. Keep rubbing your baby's face so that he or she feels comfortable.

This will pay off when your baby is latched on to your nipple!

The fourth thing you need to do is direct your nipple upwards.

Make sure that your nipple is pointing upwards, as if it was pointing at your child's forward. This will give a great position for your baby to latch on comfortably.

This is important because it will position your nipple towards the baby's mouth.

Your almost there!

The fifth thing you need to do it to make sure your baby's lips are puckering outwards, rather than inwards. If your baby is puckering inwards, gently re-adjust your baby with your finger.

Unlatch your baby only if they are latched onto your nipple incorrectly. Do this by gently placing your finger at the corner of your baby's mouth and re-adjusting him or her.

Your baby should be latched on nice and snug right now!

Once latched on...

Make sure that your baby's nose isn't covered by your top breast, and make sure that your baby's nose is free from boogies.

Find a comfortable chair!

Gather a few pillows/nursing pillow on your lap and lay your baby across your lap. Hold your baby at a position where his or her feet are extended to the side of your body, instead of across your body.

The position will seem as if your tucking your baby under your arm.

Place your hand behind your babies neck and shoulders to support your baby.

Then you need to latch your baby onto your nipple by pulling him or her towards your breast. Do not force your baby to breast-feed. It could also help your baby also listened to calming music while you breast feed.

If you listen to the same type of calming music during breast feeding your baby will know when its time to eat when they hear the sounds.

If you want to try breast feeding lying down, you can do this on one side by placing your bottom arm over your head. You can also lay on your side with your supporting arm holding your head.

Try different positions so that you and your baby get comfortable with each other.

Then you can also feed your baby tummy-to-tummy. Lay your baby down facing you. Bring your baby close and re-approach the latching step. Position your breast accordingly and draw him or her closely.

This will let you and your baby rest will breast feeding, and sometimes a mother needs a little rest.

If you lay your baby on your bed to take a nap make sure to take everything off the bed, except for the bottom sheet and your baby blanket.

Make sure to never fall asleep on your baby, especially near a couch cushion! There are gaps between the cushions that could suffocate your baby.

If you want to take a nap next to your baby get rid of heavy pillows, comforters, and other things that could suffocate your baby.

Never sleep with your baby girl or baby boy if you or your significant other smokes!

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