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The importance of name meanings

The happiest day for a couple after getting married is supposed to be the day when they are blessed with a new member in their lives, the Baby. Every year more than 120 millions babies are born on the earth. Different religions, different cultures and different places are the factors which mark the differences in the newborns. No matter what culture people across the globe follow, the process of giving the name to the baby is followed everywhere. All the preliterate people emphasize way much while naming their young ones of the family. A lot of people believe in giving meaningful names to the babies as they believe it brings good luck and fortunes to them in future. No matter were it the early days or in the recent times, Name Meanings are given huge importance.



Name is just not a collaboration of letters put together to form a word, but name actually is considered to be as the definition of the person. Success and happiness in the coming life is considered to be thriving upon the kind of a name given to a young one. A name with a proper meaning is not just considered as good luck, but also it changes the fortune stars. Name Meanings have a close connection to the planets as well. People believe that the planets of fortune and misfortune revolve around your names. So everyone should be very selective and careful while naming their beloved children. Most of the people don’t really emphasize on the meanings of the names and the effect it may cause on the lives while naming their newborns. But studies and our ancestors tell us that we should always know about the meanings the psychological, ethnic and religious aspects of our names.


We live in a world where celebrities are the only ideals of our lives, from film stars to the favorite soccer players, from models to other super heroes. Many of the people christen their children with their favorite celebrity names without even knowing the meanings of those names. One needs to know that one person’s food can be another one’s poison. You assess your kid with a name just once and that should be done after taking all necessary measures. Copying famous names is no crime, but for the sake of your own infants, going through the Name Meanings is a must.


To make sure the name is easily pronounceable; the explicitness should not turn into an unpleasant form. Also, falling in tradition completely isn’t a good way either, all the holy names may not be that favorable for the kid. Rather using names those commemorates events or define a subject may fall much suitable for the baby. The way a name with a good meaning describes the uniqueness and gives a personal identity to an individual is the reason why we go through various names responsibly while assessing our young ones with the best name that we can come up with.

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